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Richmond International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) Conference

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

This years IPMBA conference was in Richmond VA Where officers from all over North America came to learn procedures and Techniques from the IPMBA specialized Instructors in there fields.

During the seven days of the event training and certifications are offered through out the week from rules of the road to bike maintenance and arrest procedures to pursuits and take downs of assailants.

Officers box skills training

During the first day with do lots of basics as well as technical riding officers will be challenged with.

Officer Corner training

Corning is a good one for the officers as they are doing that all day long.

The Second day is more of a Urban day where we tackle many of the obstacles that the officers have in there area working to show them how to maneuver through, over or around them.

Officers street ride

The Third day is a real adrenaline rush for all of the scenario day.

tactical training

The Tactical training is harder on the coaches than the officers, it a day for the officers to get back at us for torturing them on there bikes.

We had three more days of courses and then the official opening ceremonies of the conference and then the officer obstacle course bike race.

Post by Shaums March.