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2011 Ryders Goggles

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

We've had plenty of time with the new Shore goggles to see how they perform in B.C.'s infamously wet and cold Fall riding conditions - any eyewear's worst nightmare.

Eye protection is something many riders donít take seriously enough, but good goggles or glasses should be in everyone's riding kit. On top of doing the more obvious job of keeping your vision clear, goggles also protect your eyes from damage. An eye injury from riding, or anything for that matter, can leave you worse off than a broken femur and torn ACL, not to mention that those injuries could be the direct result of not being able to see clearly. Having functional, adequate, and even stylish protection should be important to every rider out there.

Ryders Eyewear is a local Canadian company based out of North Vancouver, B.C., so you can be sure that these guys know a thing or two about making eye wear for riding in nasty conditions. They also work with riders such as Shaums March, Ryan Leech, Jay Hoots, and the Norco Factory Team to further dial things in. The Shore's are one of two goggle options from Ryders designed specifically for downhill and free ride mountain biking and are designed for fit inside full-face helmets. I tested the Shore goggles in many different conditions and in many different places in B.C. On the classic wet and foggy days that the North Shore is famous for, the goggles were right at home and performed quite well. Typically in the past, I have had non-stop fogging issues with any goggles or glasses that Iíve tried to wear in these conditions; however, the Shore surprised me in this regard - they fogged up less than any others that I've ever used. Both lens types only fogged slightly when we stopped for a breather, but as soon as you got moving with a bit of air flow through the vents, the lenses cleared right up. Again, on a cool, crisp Fall morning in Lillooet where I was bundled up in full armor to keep warm for some late season riding, the Shore goggles stayed crystal clear all day. In the dampest and coldest conditions that Iím willing to suffer through for a ride, the Ryders Shore goggles have performed above and beyond expectations.
I used the Shore goggles with both the clear and polarized lenses. At first, I questioned why a goggle called ďthe ShoreĒ would come with a polarized lens due to the lack of light on most North Shore trails, but surprisingly, the polarized lens were great for about 90% of our light conditions. The polarized lens cut down the glare in bright conditions, but do not over-darken the light in darker conditions. On a sunny day in dense trees, the polarized lenses were awesome for avoiding getting blinded by blotchy sunshine making its way through the trees. I found this especially useful at Whistler, where riders are constantly led in and out of the trees at high speeds. If you plan to use your goggles primarily for dark and wet conditions, then the clear lens is right for you. And if you canít make your mind up, you can pick up a spare clear lens which you can interchange with the polarized lens before any ride.

Overall, we were very impressed by the Shore goggles by Ryders Eyewear - they fit all of the helmets tested well and were very resistant to fogging. Itís important to remember that goggles are not just there to look good - every rider, from pro downhill racers to weekend warriors, should consider having eye protection in some form or another. The Shore goggles are a great option for anyone who wants a durable goggle that wonít fog up and are usable in a wide range of light conditions. The impressive retail price also makes them a winner in our books.
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