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Highland Mountain Resort 2 day Freeride Program

We then turned up the "freeride" aspect of this 2day camp and got a feel for this epic mountain. With a great selection of trails on offer we shot of to sample "fancy feast" and then over to "Meadows". Both of these trails boast flowy single-track with a bunch of awesome turns that drop you right into the skills center ....

Post by Mark Bunyan .

RedBull Exodos Race Whistler, BC

A mass DH start from the top of Whistler Mountain, while brushing elbows and bars with 149 other riders. This was my kind of race then as the chairlift disappeared into dense fog and the temperature dropped a few more degrees you could hardly see twenty feet in front of you, then Brett Tippie pounded a Redbull and gave the signal to fire the shot gun for the start of a true RedBull race !!

Post by Mark Bunyan .

Squamish Riders Take June by Storm

June has been a good, and busy, racing month for our Squamish MMR athletes. There are three racing events in the month of June, taking athletes from west-side of the province all the way to the east side, a 10 hour drive away! Certainly racing all of the BC Cup races in June requires a significant level of commitment! The tight schedule wasn't without it's rewards; However, as our athletes are seeing strong finishes and even some podium results.

Post by Dave Hord.

BC Takes Top Podium Spots at Bromont Canada Cup

BC Owns Women's Elite Podium, Top Two Jr. Expert and Senior Expert Mens Top Podium Spot

MMR Coach Dave Hord just returned from a weekend coaching in Bromont, Quebec. Shaums and Dave have run early season assessment camps for Cycling BC for a few seasons now. We were able to increase our participation with coaching at Nationals last year, and this year Dave's been able to manage and coach the team for the entire season."

"It was a good Weekend for MMR, B.C. and Cycling BC in Bromont. “We are deep with talent in this province,” said Dave Hord, Team Manager and Coach for Cycling BC, “and these results prove it. We hope to make an even stronger showing during the Nationals – several riders experienced crashes and mechanicals today – all the usual things - but we hope to tighten up the odds in a couple of weeks time.”

Post by Dave Hord.

Mark and Dave head back to Jr. High!

On June 9th MMR coaches Mark Bunyan and Dave Hord rolled up to the Don Ross Junior High School to join the Outdoor Leadership class for a couple of days of school.

It was a bit of a change for the two coaches who are used to small groups of 5 or 6 highly interested mountain bikers. Instead, they were met with a class of 26 students ranging in levels of ability & interest from “carbon XC bike, doing warmup laps” to “you mean I have to pedal this thing!?!” Always up for a good challenge, the two head coaches unleashed their Marin Bikes and MMR charm.

Post by Mark Bunyan.

New! Girls Who ride Rock! Featured Rider

Each month MMR will feature a new rider who’s joined us for an MMR session or program. This month MMR wants to recognizes the ladies that we all love, the real life dirt divas, the wives, the mothers, the career professionals, the do everything and be everything women that get out on their bikes and ride! Here's the first featured female rider of our Girls Who Ride, Diana Miller Indiana U.S.

Post by Tamara Peloquin.

Highland Mountain Freeride Camp

Jim Dellavalle, MMR coach, here. Once again a great weekend for a 2 day freeride camp to be had at Highland mountain. Great weather, a great group of highland instructors great students and an amazing location made the event a complete success.

News from Paul, Will and Mark at Highland Mountain is that they want to develop a better skills center for us at MMR to teach on. This being said we went to check it out on Friday and I helped out with the design a bit. The new location is going to be above the Sherwood Forest jump park and across from the old skills center. It will feature all the apparatus needed in a great classroom; berms, jumps, north shore skinnies, switchbacks, rock gardens etc. Paul, a highlands instructor and I took a few runs afterwards before the chairlift stopped.

Post by Jim Dellavalle.

MMR Hits Catamount Resort

Billy Allison here…

I just wanted to give a shout out and let everybody know that the MMR / Marin East gang had a banner weekend at the all new Freeride Catamount Resort!!

Post by Billy Allison.

Shaums at the Los Prietos Boys' Ranch

The Los Prietos boys Ranch is a last chance for California Juveniles that have been convicted of crimes, and for many their next stop could be prison.

Even though this is my 3rd year working with the Los Prietos boys’ Ranch, I’m always struck by the guards and tall fences as I drive into the facility. This year it was actually a caravan of vehicles arriving. I drove up through LA traffic, Chris Lopez came down from San Francisco and Paul Smith drove from Buellton. The three of us made the trek to support these youths in need of a better outlet, a chance at changing from a life headed just to fences and guards. Speaking of the fences, if you can look past them, the Los Prietos boys ranch is really beautiful facility, with it being 30 miles out of town and on 50+ acres. The location and grounds open the opportunity for activities not normally found in a Juvenile facility.

Post by Shaums March.

Red Bull Monde Decend

On Saturday May 23rd, a new concept in Mtb racing, the Red Bull Monte Descend, was introduced. Monte Descend ("Up - Down" in English) was a 2009 addition to the already planned Quebec and Canada Cup weekend at Mont Tremblant. With XC races on Saturday, and DH races on Sunday, Red Bull launched the idea of combining the two disciplines.

On Saturday night, 24 teams of 2, each composed of an XC and DH athlete, battled it out for 2 hrs to determine the winner. The event was held from 8pm-10pm, as the competition went along, athletes had to rely on their helmet/bike headlights to navigate the majority of the course. Red Bull Athlete Shaums March was invited to participate.

Post by Shaums March.

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