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A Day of Trail Work

While draining some coffees and hanging out, we got a call from Mike. “Since it’s too wet to ride, how do you guys feel about doing some Trail Maintainence?”. Within an hour we had a crew of six guys heading out to fix up the trails. Shaums, Mike, Wayne, Graham, Clinton and I put on our best waterproof gear, grabbed some tools and headed towards some trails we had heard were in rough shape with blow-downs and water problems.

Post by Dave Hord.

Happy Birthday Isaac

Congrats to Shaums and Aleisha... Isaac had his first birthday today!

Post by Mike Jones.

Shredding in Victoria

Got a chance to ride the new Marin DH machine over the last few days! Stoked. I love this bike and it was fantastic to really get out and have some solid test sessions on it.

Post by Mike Jones.

2007 Camps Live and online!

Finally we have our 2007 schedule live! Click "Register" or Events to see all our offerings for this season. We even have two sweet contests that are available for you to win. Plus, if you sign up for one of our 8 day BC Road trip camps before May, you will be entered to win a pair of Fox 40's or 36 forks. The odds on winning are super good (about 1 in 30).

Post by Mike Jones.

2007 Camps Details

We have been getting requests for our 2007 camp schedule... and we almost have it finalized. Read on to see what we have in store for '07.

Post by Mike Jones.

MMR Camps signs on with Dangerboy and TSG

MMR is pleased to announce a parternship with Dangerboy Components and TSG protection through to 2008.

Post by Mike Jones.

Sunpeaks World Masters Championships

Shaums wins World Masters Championships at Sun Peaks! We also had two of our athletes win their respective categories, Bryon Enns and Lorraine Blancher... conratulatins on your success!! Read on for the ful report and story...

Post by Mike Jones.

4 National Titles!

MMR has been quitely building Champions!

Post by March Shaums.

Santa Barbara

Sunny Santa Barbara and 52 students!

Post by March Shaums.

Another year at Sea Otter

So leaving the rain to find more rain in Santa Cruz, our first Ride On Clinics of the year in the rain 40 year rain storm a fun Clinic anyway. Minutes after the sun came out. Great sunny drive to raining Sea Otter.

Post by Shaums March.

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