Mad March Inc

Todd Boucher


IMIC Coach


Staten Island, NY, USA East

IMIC Ride Leader, IMIC Instructor

Why did you decide to join the MMR team: Help others progress while building there confidence and adding to there riding style. The people I've met so far have been like family to me, learning to ride better and enjoy the sport even more is the key.

What do you enjoy most about coaching: People's faces when they accomplish what they came out to do yet leaving with so much more, knowing their next ride is going to be even better because of what we taught them.

Coaching tip from Shaums that changed the way you ride: Keeping my feet level changed my riding style this took me to new levels.

Most memorable experience on a bike: Doing the drops while racing the Gravity East Series at Plattekill mountian, MMR's head coach Billy Allison installed the confidence and showed me the correct body position to attack such drops. I rode trails and did more that day then I had ever achieved on a bike thanks Billy.

Your favorite lines to shred: Flowy berms followed by rocky descents, with stuff that makes your eyes water. And where ever I am riding right now .....

Funny fix a bike story: Four flats in one afternoon not really all that funny...

Random fact about yourself: I give beyond my means

Favorite energy food: Meat and energy drinks

Classic road trip story:
Over stuffing the Pathfinder with the Allison clan, then showing up at this little mountain called Highland in the middle of the night, to wake up and be taken back by how much energy they put into this area. My favorite place to ride so far bring on 2010!!