Mad March Inc

Tamara Peloquin


IMIC Coach


Kentucky, Louisville USA

IMIC Ride Leader, IMIC Instructor, IMIC Coach

Home Town: Louisville, KY, USA Midwest
Toluca, IL Ė 1,400 people!

Why did you decide to join the MMR team :
Because I learned so much from the first MMR downhill camp I attended.

What do you enjoy most about coaching :
Seeing people progress and have more fun on their bikes than they ever thought possibleÖ.

Coaching tip from Shaums that changed the way you ride :
Take a lesson and Iíll tell you.

Most memorable experience on a bike :
Riding with the MMR team over Crankworx

Your favorite lines to shred :
Any line Iím shredding, especially when Iím with my friends and family.

Funny fix a bike story :
I'm a girl , my man fixes my bike ...

Random fact about yourself :
I like to rhyme all the time and I'm a ganster who plays the odd prankster

Favorite energy food :
Before or during the ride Red Bull Cola and almonds, after the ride Fat Tony's meat lovers pizza plus Red Bull Cola and Gentlemen Jacks.