Mad March Inc

Mark Bunyan


IMIC Coach


Squamish, B.C, Canada

MMR Head Coach

What makes you addicted to Shaums March and the MMR family:

For me it has to be meeting so many wonderful people, plus being part of such an amazing team, MMR enhances the mountain biking industry in so many ways from beginner, youth and woman's programs right up to pro level riders racing against the clock such a diversity and great to be a part of and as a challenge to yourself along the way.

Your favorite places to shred:

Squamish, Whistler BC , Rotorua NZ, Wales UK and where ever I am right now...

Most memorable experience so far on a bike:

Far to many to list, but a couple stick out in my mind chasing Shaums March down credit-line in Squamish in fall with sticky fast lines and a smile wider than the trail, also racing the Mega Avalanche in France was a pretty epic experience.

Random fact about yourself :

I once wore a dress to get free beer

New goals for 2010:

Continuing the MMR adventures with more fun, more laughter and of course plenty of riding with friends in world class locations and making solid impacts across the mountain bike industry for all to benefit from.

Funny fix a bike a story:

Jaming a rear flat tire with grass then riding out 37km's

Coaching tip from Shaums that changed your riding :

My left hand cornering and correct body position that we worked on has now brought a consistent and solid flow to my riding thank you Shaums your a true legend.

What do you enjoy most about coaching:

The people make it for me, watching kid's learn the basics and then putting it into practice it's awesome seeing there face's light up, also working alongside women, and building there confidence and skill set to overcome obstacles is so satisfying. Then there's the focused skill of down hill riders racing against the clock, with dialing new lines and shaving previous times mind control and bike set up is paramount to a podium finish. I find this also very rewarding to be a part of.

Favorite energy food:

Brown toast with peanut butter a sliced banana and blue berries on top.

Proud coaching moment's for 2009:

Watching Miranda Miller win the US Open and Crankworx , Also seeing Laureen Roser winning her category in Crankworx plus so many more awesome moments that MMR has helped these riders to get to where they are.

Thank you again for your help...