Mad March Inc

Jim Dellavalle


IMIC Coach


USA East

IMIC Ride Leader, IMIC Instructor

Age: 38 years old.

Status: Engaged to Francesca who also a rides downhill and is working to better our communities, schools, and families with better leadership and community involvement activities.

Education: Jim graduated high school in PA, and immediately ran a business -as riding started to become more important to me than anything. I shut the shop down and began riding100%.

Local trails: are Glen Park. a destination spot, attracting riders from all over.

Years riding: 20 years competitively on both BMX and Mountain bikes.

Specializing in: Ramp, freestyle but Jim still loves a good XC Ride.

"I really love to descend more than anything, I always seem to grab the shock wave lately and hit up some steep runs my local spot Glen Park."

Favorite bike events: Crankworkx, Redbull Bike Battles, US OPEN, Duryea Downhill, and the Gravity Series or anything that has a long term descent.... Did you know that he worked and rode for Peregrine in the late 80's and most of the 90's .

"I designed my own freestyle frame called The Trizz, a street wheels set called "Phat Jack's" , handlebars, tires, pedals, all kinds of stuff. Later on before 2000, the company closed and moved back to Taiwan. It was a great run when it was happening."

Hobbies outside of riding are: Snowboarding, writing, video, trail building, working on the house....

"I'm a full time Electrician in my families businesses and am a religious trail builder. This years achievements are already taking effect. I wanted to build trails that are legal and create breeding grounds for new riders. My first trail I helped build with IMBA is in Cunningham Park in Queens, NY it is a black Diamond Free Ride Trail. The next trail building session will be at High Bridge Park in Manhattan, NY. 2 freeride
trails, a pump track, and later on in 2008/2009 a concrete skate park. this will be the breeding grounds for all of our counter culture in the Manhattan area. I feel very fortunate to be asked to help design and build these future trails."

Why does Jim Coach?

"Coaching helps me satisfy my soul when it comes to giving back . Teaching riders new stunts, and disciplines to make there styles more creative is something I love to help with....

Jim lives by this statement: "I want to give back to what gave me so much in return. A healthy lifestyle, world-wide traveling, a huge amount of great friends.There is always something good to see, you just have to look and you'll find it."